UNIGREP has partnered with Asigra to provide our Granite Backup solution with the ability to restore from a local SAN, from a remote office, from the Internet cloud, or from any hardware or software stack. As a proud partner of Asigra, we ensure your ability to successfully restore any data at any time. We service your needs for strong security at multiple layers and incorporate military-grade encryption algorithms, certified financial encryption protocols, and controlled security procedures while remaining compliant with multiple regulatory demands. Our web-based console and consolidated repository allow you to easily manage your data across multiple locations. Our affordable pricing structures make it easy to choose your service level. Our proven data protection services ensure your continued business operations.



Recovery is everything! If you want to backup from a local, metropolitan, wide-area, or global network to a network residing within another country or the Internet cloud, we offer reliable solutions at the hardware and software levels.

At the hardware level, our solution autonomically heals data and validates restore capabilities to proactively address file corruption and ensure data integrity. Furthermore, Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backs up all data to a remote storage system whenever any change is made within the local system.

At the software level, our solution offers you the option of having multiple tiers of recovery. Whether your need is for simultaneous local- and remote-site backup or for fail-over from one site to another site, our focus is on fast recovery. This focus gives you the ability to cater your backup and recovery solutions to meet your unique data availability requirements as your data volume increases.

We remove the complexity by presenting different tiers and types of backups including global de-duplication and data compression, replication for maintaining several versions of files (protecting against both accidental and malicious data corruption), continuous data protection (enabling data recovery back to any point in time), and/or the local-only backup for (reducing possible WAN bandwidth costs).

Our expertise in understanding fault tolerance concepts and utilizing the appropriate techniques for regulatory and compliance requirements ensures only authorized users have access to your data.


At no extra cost, your data is encrypted prior to compression, stays secured in flight and remains secure at rest with up to AES 256-bit encryption using multiple user-defined keys. Additionally, you can define which IP address have access to which backup data sets. As a disk-based, automated solution, we hold NIST FIPS 140-2 certification and can bring your compnay into full compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, as well as others.

Our diverse, agentless architecture does not require open ports on the firewall, which decreases complexity for nearly all types of applications. Password management features auto-generate passwords preventing unauthorized access to accounts or data. Furthermore, policies can be established to automatically destroy older archived data and obtain verification certificates for regulatory compliance purposes.


Whether data resides within an executive’s personal smartphone, on a desktop, or inside a cloud application, we reduce the cost and utilize a single integrated solution for all systems and hardware platforms. Our web-based console and consolidated repository provides a single high-level view of it all--including nearly any endpoint device, server data, virtual machines, as well as third-party cloud applications. As your deployment needs evolve, you can move from on-premise private clouds, to public or hybrid clouds.

Our intuitive portal allows for easy configuration of non-invasive, regular, and extensive testing to satisfy the most stringent regulatory demands. You are able to classify multiple tiers of backup data based on service level agreements, business continuity plans, and retention policies. You can automatically migrate those tiers, based on a defined schedule and policy, to lower-cost backup storage if you choose.

AffordabilityCost Savings

For most businesses, technology budgets are already stretched, and with backup data volumes continuing to grow over an increasing footprint, there does not appear to be a reprieve anywhere in sight. These steadily mounting costs are partly a consequence of an outdated pricing model for backup and recovery software, increased complexity, and regulatory demands. Businesses are faced with a dilemma: comprehensive data collection has become crucial to business success, but the cost of protecting all this data is out of control.

Our priced is based on your annual recovery performance, instead of only based on backup capacity. The model includes safeguards that ensure costs are constrained within a defined price band--even if you experience unexpected data catastrophes. The result is much lower costs today, and even more cost savings over time.

We allow you to identify risks of data loss before a disaster occurs so that you can take preemptive action. This allows businesses to re-think data protection. Instead of a back-end expense that is beyond your control, backup and recovery software can now be treated as a proactive measure against business disruption due to data loss, and improved operational efficiencies are directly connected to cost savings.


We separate the cost of backup and recovery, with a low fixed annual rate for backup and a variable rate for recovery based on the percentage of data recovered in a year. Built-in upper and lower limits and other controls ensure price predictability.

Backup and recovery licenses are still purchased together, and always in the same 1:1 capacity volume. Recovery drills are a separate lower cost to provide greater transparency. The separate backup and recovery license costs typically provide immediate savings of about 40 percent and up to 70 percent savings over time, reducing the total cost of ownership of backup. The result is a fair, transparent, and predictable pricing model for backup and recovery that not only provides enterprises with immediate savings but also gives them the tools to better track and improve data recovery.

In a business environment where backup costs are escalating and the implications of a business disruption due to data loss are intensifying, here is your blueprint for a smarter, proactive and cost-effective way to protect data.